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Thailand is a world-famous travel designation for its cultural beauty and serenity. If you want to experience ethereal moments of joy, then visit Thailand around the most alluring Songkran Festival. There are many more beguiling…

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Thailand is a world-famous travel designation for its cultural beauty and serenity. If you want to experience ethereal moments of joy, then visit Thailand around the most alluring Songkran Festival. There are many more beguiling reasons to visit Thailand, but this festival is something you cannot miss. It is the Thailand New Year celebration!

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It is among the largest celebrations in the country. More than half a million people from across the globe plan their trip to Thailand during Songkran. At the time of the Songkran festival, Thailand becomes the kernel for the travel freaks.

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Everything about Songkran

A Sanskrit word which means approaching or passing gave an origin to the word Songkran. This water festival marks the beginning of a new horizon of hope, amelioration, and refinement with the new year. The element of water in the Songkran festival reflects compassion, gratitude, love, affection, and fertility. It is a festival that reflects joy, hope, serenity, and excitement for Thailand’s New Year. It is the most famous and beguiling water festival.

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When to visit Thailand if you want to enjoy Songkran Festival?

Songkran Festival is like a magnet for numerous travelers. People adore the water fights and the playful environment. It is Thailand’s signature festival and is adored all over the world with many names such as Thai Water Festival and Songkran Day etc. Everyone zealously waits for the 13th of April as it is the first day when the celebration starts for the approaching New Year. This festival is revelled around the 15th of April which is the New Year day.

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The Ambience at Songkran Festival:

Songkran Festival makes you feel elation and liveliness in the air. The aura of cheerfulness is reflected when the water fight becomes a playful and friendly act. This festival is highly assessed to be the world’s colossal water fight. Water serves as an important element of the festival. You may be welcomed with a splash of water on your body. Crowds roam around the streets of the country splashing water over anyone coming in the vicinity. Buckets, water pistols, water pipes, etc. are the main things that people carry to celebrate Songkran.

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The Beginning of the Songkran Festival

The cultural beauty in Thailand is extremely graceful and heart-warming in unlimited ways. The primal day of this festival reflects a sincere and wholehearted tribute for the ancestors and late family members. People visit their friends and family to express gratitude. They ask for forgiveness for all the wrongdoings done towards them the previous year. The first day of the festival is known as Songkran Day. Many appetizing traditional cuisines are made. The seniors are showered with their favorite luscious sweets and alluring gifts. Ladies clean their houses before the Songkran Day. April 13th is the day when the water splashing gets going. 

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Light on the Cultural Aspects of Songkran Festival

Wan Nao is a name given to the second day of this fabulous festival. It is celebrated on the 14th of April. It is believed that on this day sun moves between Pisces and Aries. Numerous formal and dedicated rituals are conducted. A very common and famous ritual that all the residents perform includes collecting sand, visiting temples and famous monasteries. The sand reflects the dirt from their previous year

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The Serenity at the end of a new beginning: New Year Celebration

On the 15th of April, New Year is celebrated across the country. The most bodacious factor about this festival is the graceful Thai culture and tradition. The whole week of this irresistible festival Songkran conveys the beauty of its symbolic tradition. Everyone affectionately visits their family, friends and share beguiling moments while enjoying this festival. Everyone gathers at home and pays tribute to the seniors for all the love they showered upon them all their lives. Playing with water and showering everyone in it is extremely enjoyable but it has a deeper meaning to it. It signifies purifying everything and washing away all the bad luck. Another eye-catching place during Songkran is Khao San Road. It is the hub for backpackers and is one of the most popular streets of Thailand. The traditional Thai food stalls fill the streets of the land.

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The Beautiful facets of Songkran Festival

Songkran is a very important festival for Thai people. Tourists and visitors from across the globe plan their visit during this time to become a part of the festival and enjoy its beauty. It is a combination of tradition and fun which makes it even special for the tourists. If you know any Thai family, the festival will be even more fun and memorable for you.

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Relishing this festival

As known worldwide, Thailand is famous for the party and nightlife. During the Songkran festival, you can find many places to party day and night. From Phuket, Chiang Mai to Bangkok, no matter which place you choose, it is guaranteed that you won’t regret visiting Thailand during the Songkran festival. The country is full of positive vibes, the freshness, and happiness that can be felt in the air. Thai food along with prayers and rituals make sure to portray the traditional essence. These three days in Thailand will add up to the list of your most ethereal travel destinations with memorable trips. It is a lifetime experience for anyone who visits this alluring festival. If you are a travel enthusiast, you will agree with me that there is nothing more adventurous and fun than celebrating a major festival in a country with its people. Getting involved in the cultural activities of a country gives a unique wisdom and meaning to your travel experience. Besides enjoying the celebration, you get to make new friends and bonds.Thailand tourism has even made efforts for the tourists to enjoy the festival in secluded islands and beaches of the country. So, chuck the thought of fear and start planning for your next trip in April to celebrate the happiness and tranquillity in Thailand.

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