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When one generally speaks about Thailand, you get a mental image painted of beaches, sunshine and gorgeous greenery, right? As much as that may be true, there is always more to a place than what…

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When one generally speaks about Thailand, you get a mental image painted of beaches, sunshine and gorgeous greenery, right? As much as that may be true, there is always more to a place than what meets the eye. Today you embark upon an eventful journey of getting to know Sattahip more deeply and extensively than ever before!

What Is Sattahip Famous For?

Situated on the gulf coastline East of Thailand, Sattahip could be offhandedly mistaken for any other gorgeous spot from around this area. But there are actually many things that set this district apart from all other areas in this region.

Above : The Spiritualness of Sattahip

Sattahip does not only gain its fame for its gorgeous attractions and rich plant life. Yes, it is breathtaking; but the district stands out with its deep connectivity to spirituality. Many have reported that a trip to Sattahip helped in rejuvenating and restoring their spirituality and connection with the world.


This has to do with the region’s deep commitment and dedication to Buddha. From carving its silhouette in gold along the side of a cliff to erecting huge statues and gorgeous sculptures of it around the district. The people honor Buddha and his teachings as well as his history thus the whole area emanates an aura of spirituality, peace, and calm.


It is said that the root of all the spirituality that lingers about the district originates from Luang Pho Daeng’s legacy. The Thai Buddhist monk passed away in 1973 while he was meditating. Visitors and tourists come to Sattahip to pay their respects to the late monk.


Above : The Countless Beaches

The next most memorable and famous thing about Sattahip is the endless amount of beaches that are positively spilling from everywhere. The white sand beaches are known to be the best because of their tranquil ad undeniably gorgeous beauty but there are many others as well. Pattaya beach is also known to be the most famous and loved spot in the whole of Sattahip. The crew at the naval base located in Sattahip usually frequent the Pattaya beach and the resort that surrounds it. Everyone knows how high class the hotels are and the sceneries are simply one of a kind.


Above : The Fishing Trade

Sattahip is known for being that “quiet and beautiful fisherman village town” by most of the visitors. And it is 100% true. Mostly because not many people know about it, Sattahip exudes this quiet and peaceful vibe but also because most of the district’s residents make a living off fishing. And if you don’t know, fishing is mostly a quiet job!


But the abundant fishing in the area pushes the visitors and residents to try out new types of fish dishes and cuisines prepared entirely with fresh fish just newly caught.


Above : The Activities

Because of the sheer beauty and quiet aura of the district, the visitors are taken on kayaking and snorkeling trips where the clear waters help them to learn more about the marine life that surrounds them. For some who are not inclined towards going for snorkeling, they are given the option to float around in a boat with a glass bottom to observe the marine life from afar. Banana boat rides are also a popular pick among the tourists that frequent Sattahip.


Above : Conservation Techniques

Somehow the thing that most catches the eye of anyone is how a certain area is determined on preserving its beauty and nature. Sattahip takes lots of personal cautionary methods to save its marine and wildlife from the multiple activities the tourists indulge in. For instance, some beaches have their front area only open for use so the rest of the beach can flourish on its own without the interference of human life. Other techniques that Sattahip utilizes to promote conservation awareness is their famous sea turtle conservation center. Locals and visitors can view the process of letting the sea turtle babies out in the sea and learn about the importance of preserving marine life.


Above : Tuk Tuk Tours

Yet another highly adored and liked activity for the people of Sattahip and the ones coming in. Tuk Tuk tours are basically driven around the city in an automatic rickshaw. These tours are a perfect way for any newcomers to explore and get to know the city more. Usually, the drivers are acquainted with every nook and cranny in the district so you can practically take them as your tour guide. From exploring different restaurants and hotels to getting to know where the best street food is sold, you get to know it all when you’re driving around in a Tuk Tuk. And it is the best experience when you indulge in the tours during the night. It is said that only during the night do you truly get to know a city!


Places To Visit in Sattahip


At first glance, Sattahip undoubtedly seems like a lovely place to explore and venture in but if you take a closer look, it is so much more than that. From white sand beaches to sea turtle conservation centers you will be stunned with all the things you can find in this cozy little region. Here are some of our top favorite:


Above : White Sand Monkey Beaches

You have always seen those Instagram models and celebrities spending their vacation time in some beautiful far off resort where all sorts of exotic things can be found. Well, it is time for you to turn those dreams into reality with Sattahip’s own white sand beach inhabited by groups and groups of mischievous little monkeys.


The animals are harmless but really naughty and absolutely love to tease the newcomers on the beach. They mostly search around for bananas and will instantly grow to like anyone who brings them a bunch of bananas.


Above : The Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens

Spread over an area of 500-acre land, the botanical garden is actually further divided into smaller gardens which are arranged via their theme. You will find gardens full of a certain type of plant only like maybe cactus or succulents. The atmosphere is calm, breezy and absolutely stunning all year round but it is during the springtime when the colors and plants truly bloom with beauty and magnificence.


Nong Nooch also introduces a dinosaur park in the midst of its beautiful gardens among other fun and interactive cultural performances. A highly loved spot by the old and young; the tropical gardens exude peace and natural calm.


Above : The Khao Chi Chan Cliff

For those who love yoga, appreciate Buddha and enjoy some gorgeous exhibits in the midst of nature; the Khao Chi Chan cliff is just the spot to go. Basically, it is a mountain but on onside is a cliff that dips quite steeply to the ground. As that side of the cliff is facing the world, Sattahip officials took to carving in it the silhouette of the Buddha statue.


The outlines were laser carved and further filled with gold. Yes, real gold! The carved out Buddha statue shines with gold day and night and makes a stunning exhibit for interested viewers. Right below the cliff is many settlements and places to sit to enjoy the majestic view and kickback.


Above : Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Whether you are 5 or 50, waterparks are never too young for you and you are never too old for them. Sattahip’s officials were well aware of that when they built the waterpark which is incorporated with an Amazon Rainforest theme. With cartoon mascots and colorful waterslides with the bluest of waters to dive deep into, the waterpark is a perfect way to kill time on a sunny day in Sattahip. You can find restaurants and places to relax in as well after you have taken a good dip and dive around the waterpark.


Above : The Wat Yanasangwararam Temple

Another beautiful and precious construction that holds deep spiritual meaning and beauty, the Wat Yanasangwararam temple is the biggest one you’ll see. Located on around 59 hectares of land, the place is packed with other smaller buildings of religious importance as well gardens blooming with life. Radiating peace and quiet the temple also boasts of a lake nearby that further encourage visitors to relax and kick back once they have set foot onto this land.


Upon entering the temple you will see many artifacts and Chinese architecture that has been strung up in the honor of the late His Majesty the King. The temple originally was constructed in 1987 for the event of celebrating the King’s 50th anniversary. To this day his Honor is preserved with the importance of the temple and the precious artifacts that are stowed inside. Some of which are a gold emperor throne, ancient pottery and paintings, terracotta soldiers from the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang and many more.


The temple is not only easy to spot because of its unavoidably huge structure but it can also be seen on the way to the Khao Chi Chan cliff.


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