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There are just these places around the world that are just the spot for the wildest nights, best dishes of cuisine and bring you the craziest experiences ever. Thonglor is just that neighborhood for you…

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There are just these places around the world that are just the spot for the wildest nights, best dishes of cuisine and bring you the craziest experiences ever. Thonglor is just that neighborhood for you to spend your nights in and be assured that you will be making memories to last generations. Known to be the Hippest District in the entire of Asia, this particular neighborhood completely earns that title with its incomparable energy, hella good vibes and the best community to spend it with.


What’s The Hype about the Hip!

Above : What’s The Hype about the Hip!

So, what is it about this area that attracts the hippest people and earns it the title of being the coolest place to chill? As I strolled down one of the neighborhood’s streets that is surrounded by the bustle of the traffic on Sukhumvit Soi 55, I’d never guess that this little nook could become such a popular hub. Judging by where it started off of course! How did that even happen? Well, it all goes back to the early 2000s when the district changed from your usual neighborhood flanked with boring car dealerships outlet it transitioned like a butterfly from a brown scaly pupa.   It is not really recorded or known anywhere how the neighborhood suddenly became so popular and got decked with all sorts of cafes, spas, gyms, eateries and amusement centers. But it just happened! It was definitely not an overnight occurrence, it took time and picked up speed along the way. Now every other new entrepreneur or start-up business takes a spot on the streets in Thonglor and before you know it, it’s a hit!   But the real passion that drives this area is not just about the money. Of course, whenever any business pops up over there it sells like crazy. However, if Thonglor survived on money alone it would just be like the rest of the world; which it is not. Each and every place you make a stop in Thonglor strives to stand out. The food is always different, unique and flavorful. The spas and yoga gyms incorporate genius new methods for their clients. The clubs are a whole different level of wild with their settings, music and pumped up energy. Not to mention the thrift stores and cheap massage parlors that deck the streets give an awesome blend of cultural diversity and beauty.   So the real thing that attracts everyone to Thonglor is diversity. You will find Japanese cuisine somewhere and 2 blocks to its right a club blasting upbeat Thai pop songs. Venture a little further and you will find an American themed Starbucks situated next to a shop that sells only khaki clothing. There is a place for everything and every need in Thonglor and that precisely is the reason why it is the coolest place in the world.   Let’s talk in detail about some of its most winning spots:


Above : Thonglor’s Food Array

There is quite literally no limit to what one can eat in Thonglor. All sorts of cuisines and snacks and 5-course meals are available there. You just have to know exactly where to go, and your needs will be met. For instance, the Bellino and Bruttino bar was my #1 stop and completely worth it. It delivers the calmest atmosphere to dine in and makes a perfect pick for a date night. Upon stepping in my ears were greeted with some groovy Italian jazz that soothed every wracked nerve of mine. The appetizer was a glass of homemade Granita which is served to all newcomers on their first minute inside.   I especially loved their wining as I was plied with the tastiest reds and whites which were brought in straight from Italy. The special thing about Bellino and Bruttino is that their ambiance is home but in a completely different city than mine.   On the other hand, as I headed over to Caveman Base; I was thoroughly surprised. The bar located in Ekkamai is a smooth blend of food and games. Their steaks are simply incomparable with their tender and flavorful nature. And to top that off you can pair your dinner with a multiplayer video game. The perfect spot for anyone who just wants to relax and have a great time, you can enjoy TV, drinks, dinner, and gaming with a bunch of perfectly friendly folks.


Above : Party Life at Thonglor

As some may say that Los Angeles is the city that never sleeps and the parties never end there…well, let them pay a visit to Thonglor’s DND Club. One of the many clubs I ended up dancing my socks off in, it is every EDM lover’s dream. Each night and every night you are welcomed with the bass drops and a never-ending great time. The club actually looks quite the opposite of your classic LA disco. With a smoking room themed as a barbershop and a vintage ‘60s grunge motel theme going around, I downright felt like a time traveler in there.   The perfect spot for every youngster’s dream the Nunglen and Escobar Nightclub is the definition of versatile. You get crowds from all classes, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The nightclub is actually split into two sections where you get two completely different experiences in both. Nunglen brings you a packed yet groovy atmosphere with live local bands coming into sing while Escobar brings the roof down with its big venue blasting with techno music and hip hop titles streaming in on the weekends.   The clubs vary in shape, size, vibes, theme, and drinks; and each and every one of them delivers the same memorable experience. Looking to make new friends and dance your head off with complete strangers for the night? Thonglor’s got you!


Above : Rooftop Rendezvous at Thonglor

The rooftop experience in Thonglor 100% deserves its own section. My experience in the Octave Rooftop Bar with its 360-degree view can’t be encompassed by any other rooftop venue I visited in the entire of Thonglor. The seating arrangement is so comfy (you could sleep there) and the menu is tasteful. The place knows what its clients want and they provide that with a dash of class and innovation. There are two levels to this venue where on one floor you’ll wine and dine with a view to die for. The second floor, as I found out was a bar for a superb night of partying and drinking with a killer view. Said to be the highest rooftop bar you will ever find in Thonglor, there is no better view for you out there.


Above : Rooftop Rendezvous at Thonglor

There are other rooftop venues that brought me a tasteful array of dishes for dining and space to make some new friends, and drink some great cocktails! The Wanderlust Rooftop Bar and the Roof Hideaway at Musa Nightclub are only to name a few.


Above : Accommodation at Thonglor

Who wouldn’t want to stay the night at such a terrific spot? You’d think that with the whole place brimming with coffee shops and malls that there’d be no spot to park and rest! But, there actually is and their ambiance equally matches the sophistication and elaborate nature of the rest of this place. I chose the Goodfellas Cafe and Hostel for a night and it is exactly what the name brings forth. Providing a lodging as well as a hot cup of coffee and any other café delicacy I wanted, the place was just it! Nothing too extra or too less!   The Grande Centre Hotel, on the other hand, is as Grande as Ariana Grande gets with an overpriced coffee grande! Luxurious in every aspect the hotel provides a Japanese bathhouse, spa, 3 restaurants, an outdoor pool with bar, gym, hot tubs, and a yoga studio. Moreover, they don’t charge extra on kids aged 11 or under. Coupled with laundry service and a females-only floor, they adhere to every client in every way they want.   The hotel Nikko Bangkok is another prime example of Thonglor’s classy accommodation options. Its prime location makes it an easy and favorable spot to book. Not to mention the 301-roomed hotel is sure to impress everyone who walks in the door. Finding a room anywhere on the 22 floors was no trouble for me and there was an all-day dining service (which I made good use of), a ballroom, an outdoor pool as well as multiple sporty facilities.


Above : Thonglor’s Other Spots

Apart from its killer party life and mouthwatering dishes displayed in multiple restaurants, Thonglor also introduces some clever and really innovative ideas. The Urban Playground Climbing, for instance, is a fun sports club to bring the kid out in anyone. The 7000 square feet area is surrounded by walls with for rock climbing and they boast of about 10,000 handholds decking their walls. Probably the biggest and most intense sports club in Thonglor that took a whole day of mine just because of how energetic and cool the experience was.   It is time to relax and disappear from the world of humanity for an hour or two when it comes to Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa. The massage parlor and spa provide the most therapeutic and authentic forms of relaxation that anyone would die for. The team there bring together traditional healing activities straight from Japan and incorporate it with a touch of modern-day spa choices like a Silk Bath or Chromotherapy. But personally the silk bath was honestly my most favorite thing I experienced during my whole trip.   Divine Yoga is any yogi’s literal heaven, it is more than just a yoga gym. The place delves deeper into a healthier mental and physical wellbeing through its health management courses. While the teachers specialize in teaching newbies and experienced yogis, the place also deals with community activities such as visiting the children of Baan Tawan Mai Orphanage. A true classic Thonglor experience, the center involves many different cultures with their services as well as bring a kind and loving change to the locals. And that is exactly what Thonglor is all about. Peace, love, harmony, and versatility!


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